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Treating my endometriosis is not about me wanting a baby

"Your tubes are fine, you can still have babies", my gynaecologist announced with ripe enthusiasm. Just three weeks ago I'd arrived in recovery after my first laparoscopy for...

The Sydney Morning Herald

Forging news paths after the force

All in a day's work for Tim Severino at Goodtime Adventures. Photo: Charly Severino On an average day, Tim Severino might be abseiling, hiking through the jungle, or managing a...

SBS Life - Topics

Who will look after you when you're old? Living a child free life | Family

I've never thought of baby names, or imagined what I would look like pregnant. But don't feel sad for me. I don't feel anything is missing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics...

SBS Life Topics

Comment: You don't have to be skinny, but you 'should' be healthy

I've been skinny. I've been overweight. I've spent years counting calories, standing on the scales and judging. I've also gone through periods of not caring about my weight at...

TRAVEL PLAY LIVE The Women's Adventure Lifestyle Magazine

The Art of Free Diving

Polish-born Agata Bogusz was always destined for life in the water. But it wasn't until a scuba trip in Egypt in 2008 that she discovered freediving. The Polish record holder is...

International Living Magazine

Finding Health and Happiness in Bali

Stretching out in her studio in Uluwatu - Nadine is the picture of health and happiness. Learn how she moved from corporate life to finding balance in Bali.

International Living Magazine

Living The Island Life

Tim and Charly Severino discovered the island of Koh Tao in Thailand and made it home.

Australian Family Magazine

Grand Expectations

On the day he looks after his grandson, Brian who is in his sixties, often gets approving glances when he comes across other grandmothers and mothers. “Your grandchildren are so...


Is there ever a right time to have a baby? - Coping with Jane

"Motherhood is just THE most amazing thing! You're going to be the best mother". I don't have the heart to tell her I am just not sure. "Um well, I just started a new job and...

International Living Magazine

Part-time in a French Market Town

With two striking chateaus, a medieval wall and a traditional square, Aiguillon in Southern France looks like something from a picture book.


Luxurious Magazine

Riverside Luxury At Hotel Royal Hoi An, Vietnam

The inspiration for the stunning Hotel Royal Hoi An by Sofitel began with a love story. Rumour has it that Sotaro Araki, a wealthy merchant from Nagasaki, Japan, visited Hoi An...

Luxurious Magazine

Five-Star Luxury At Salinda Resort, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island is perhaps Vietnam's best-kept secret, the 574 square km island lies off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand and is relatively new to the tourist...

Travel Play Live

Exploring Paradise - Bacuit Bay

Ashleigh Mills travelled to Bacuit Bay to freedive and discovered a company doing something a little differently to explore this water wonderland.

International Living Magazine

Freediving Funds My Tropical Island Life

The black sand bays of Amed are perhaps Bali's best kept secret.


Kantaraya Villa, a Unique Destination in Thailand's Koh Tao

Like most beautiful places on earth, Koh Tao can be a little hard to get to but those that make the journey will be rewarded.

The Australia Times Travel Magazine

Only in Boracay

Ashleigh Mills travels to Boracay and finds paradise, great food, and hidden beaches away from crowds. Photos by James Mills.


The District Boracay - Beachfront Luxury in the Philippines

I have been in a lot of hotel foyers in the world and I don't remember one quite like this. Guests exit the glass doors and land straight on the soft white sand of Boracay...


Where to Travel | Koh Tao

Schools of fish dart through the clear blue water under the dusty Mae Haad pier, the first port of call for any traveller arriving at Koh Tao, the tiny island found between the...